Is plastic lamellar armor legal for SCA combat?

In most kingdoms in the SCA, plastic lamellar plate armor is legal for both adult and youth combat. (Some kingdoms require that any plastic armor not show, but still allow plastic lamellar armor plates under tabards or other coverings.) Check with your own kingdom rules for local requirements.

Can different plate styles be combined for more design possibilities?

Definitely! Check out the Auk and Newcastle combination below that one of our customers designed.


We would love to see any unique combinations that you come up with as well, so be creative and send in those pictures!

Where can I find lacing patterns for Lamellar armor?

We have a growing list of links to informational websites with patterns and suggestions on Lamellar armor construction and lacing.

YouTube and a simple Google image search are also great resources for sparking creative ideas.

 And don't forget about Facebook and Twitter! We're continuously updating them with new photos, and other fans may have something to offer as well.

Can the hole pattern in the plastic lamellar armor plates be altered, added to or detracted from?

Plastic Lamellar plates (Newcastle, Auk, Effingham) are made from injection molded plastic. These molds are precision machined and worth thousands of dollars each. There are no capabilities for altering the plates for individual orders. If you have enough demand for a new pattern of plate to offset the cost of designing a new mold we could discuss that option with you.

How many plates will I need?


These plates are quite durable, and are 2” wide x 3.375” long, 0.160” thick, weighing 1.55# per 50. An “average” suits weigh 7-8 pounds, and takes 250-300 plates.

When laced in a row, 10 plates are required to make a foot of length. Each row will add approximately 3 inches of height.


The plates are 1.22” wide x 2.345 long, 0.075” thick, weighing 0.56# per 100 and may require padding. An "average" suits weighs about 4 pounds, and takes 600 plates.

When laced in a row. approximately 15 plates are required per foot of length. Each row adds about 2" of height to the laced assembly in a row. approximately 15 plates are required per foot of length. Each row adds about 2" of height to the laced assembly.

How much lacing should I buy?

Although different lacing styles will require different lacing lengths, a rule of thumb for the Newcastle and Auk plates is 1 pack of lacing for every 2 packs of plates. One extra pack of lacing is a good idea for extras and repair.

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